Questions and Answers.

Our professional relationship starts with a comprehensive and thorough intake examination and review of your medical history.

Getting from A to B.

We will fully assess your current level of well-being, set priorities, determine where you need to be, and how we get there.

Treatment Plan.

We plan out your complete course of treatment, laying out a definitive course of action and begin taking steps to get you back to the optimal state of being!


Competency and Compassion.

I have become very proficient in treating patients in a clinical setting, working with patients with varying conditions, with great interest in infertility, stress management, pain reduction, and immune system enhancement.

Between clinical intern- and externships, I have performed over 800 treatment-procedures.

Various Areas of Skill and Experience.

- Intake Examination and Consultation
- Developing Customized Treatment Plan
- Acupuncture (standard or auricular)
- Cupping Therapy
- Pulse and tongue diagnosis
- Needling techniques
- Injection Therapy
- Tui'na massage
- Gua Sha manipulation
- Acupuncture Electro-stimulation
- iMRS-2000 PEMF Therapy
- Chinese Herbal formula preparation (Patent, Raw)


I am also a practitioner of the Aaron Mattes method of "Active Isolated Stretching". His stretches are not what you would commonly think of as 'stretches', but rather very targeted, patient-assisted, manipulations of joints and connective tissues, regaining lost movement, flexibility and range of motion. These do wonders for patients under my care!


Ready to Regain Optimal Living?

Trust your health and well-being to me as your physician and dedicated health professional.