Our Approach

My Approach

After 20 years of being involved in different aspects of Western Medicine, I am now directing my passion for healing in more holistic medical approaches, utilizing and combining the most effective modalities, to maximize the well-being of my patients.

Offering time-tested traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) methods, along with aspects of western functional medicine, injection therapy, nutrition and other methods, I am well-rounded and well-trained able to provide a broad spectrum of treatment forms to under my medical care and supervision.

My goal is to allow my patients to take a more active role in the decision-making over their health and well-being, giving my patients affordable and viable alternatives to conventional Western Medicine and Pharmaceuticals. My medical practice combines aspects of time-tested traditional ancient healing knowledge and state-of-the-art scientific methods.

Our Story

My Story -- Who am I?

I have been working in various medical settings (as an LPN in my native Germany) since 1995. My professional life in the United States began in 2009, when I began working as a Registered Dental Hygienist in Tampa. Throughout my careers, I have always strived to continue learning and perfecting my professional skill-sets.

In 2013, I decided to follow my true passion for health and wellness and took upon myself a major career change, to become a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and licensed Acupuncture Physician. (graduated Dec. 2016, East West College of Natural Medicine)

During my extensive, hands-on clinical externship experience, I have acquired and honed the essential and critical skills needed for competent patient care, treating patients in the various TCM modalities. (e.g. Intake/Diagnostics, Needling, Herbal Medicinals, Moxibustion, Cupping and Treatment Planning, Injection Therapy, etc.)

While attending school full-time, and during my year-long studies to take all required state board examinations, I also have been running my own successful business as a licensed Permanent Makeup artist.

I have created a solid reputation locally for setting the bar high for various types of common permanent makeup procedures and various forms of skin micro-needling, for purposes of skin rejuvenation.

I love sharing my knowledge in some capacity, as well as running my own TCM/Acupuncture Clinic. Currently, I wish to focus my practice on areas of pain management, rejuvenation, infertility, and nutrition. I will also incorporate aspects of functional medicine into my practice.

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